Freedom of Information Act

The Hebron Board of Education (District) is committed to providing prompt access to all records subject to disclosure under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows the public to request existing public records from public agencies, including school districts. Submitting questions is not an appropriate FOIA request.

To request a copy of public records under CT-FOIA:

  • Submit to the District in writing, or reduced to writing if made orally, your request. You may make your request to the Superintendent’s office, Freedom of Information Coordinator. Each requester is encouraged to provide the District with a completed Public Records Request Form to ensure a clear and complete understanding of the records requested. Using this form will ensure that the Town has the information needed to process the request efficiently.
    • Submit your request to Freedom of Information Coordinator,  Keisha Santos.
  • The District will acknowledge receipt of requests within 4 business days.
    • The District may seek clarification, as needed.
    • The District Schools/Department(s) having custody of the requested record(s) will conduct a search for the records in the ordinary course of business and in the order received.
    • As appropriate and necessary, records will be reviewed to determine whether any or all of the record is exempt from disclosure under CT-FOIA. If the District determines a record, in whole or in part, is exempt, it will provide notice.

To receive records:

  • Records may be inspected by the Requester and copied by Town staff, subject to $0.50 per page copy fee (Conn.Gen.Stat. §1-212)
  • Records may be inspected and scanned by the Requester using a handheld scanner, subject to $20 scan fee (Conn.Gen.Stat. §1-212)
  • Records may be received by email or an electronic storage device, subject to costs incurred by the District (Conn. Gen. Stat. §1-212)
  • If the Requester does not have computer access, records may be received by mail, subject to costs incurred by the District (Conn.Gen.Stat. §§ 1-211, 1-212)
  • If the request is for inspection of records, a District representative will contact you to make arrangements
  • Requesters should be aware that the District receives many requests for information under FOIA, and that District personnel require time to gather and review responsive records. The District works to provide complete responses, but doing so takes time, and patience is requested and appreciated, as these requests are fulfilled.

To view the District’s Freedom of Information request received please see below:

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