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Curriculum is the backbone of a school district, and it constantly evolves in response to the changing needs of the student population, as well as newly acquired best practices in education, district initiatives, and state directives.  To that point, the curriculum  process is always ongoing as we continue to develop and maintain curricula which are aligned to the Connecticut Core Standards.

In addition to the curriculum renewal process, Hebron Board of Education adopted a technology plan as mandated by the Connecticut Department of Education for 2012-2015.  The purpose of the technology plan is to drive decisions regarding acquisition of resources and integration of technology into instruction.  We take seriously our charge to educate our students to be successful learners and participants in the 21st Century.  The role that technology and critical thinking skills play in that success is paramount.

As Director of Curriculum and Technology for Hebron Public Schools, I have the responsibility to coordinate and cultivate the interdependent curricula relationships within our schools.  Hebron schools seek to enrich the learning environment for its students by actively pursuing new strategies for teaching that will contribute to student engagement and achievement.  Working collaboratively, the staff in Hebron have developed comprehensive curricula, shared best practices, and analyzed assessments to improve curriculum and instruction.  It is only through the support and hard work of the classroom teachers that we experience the successful results that we have attained throughout the district.

Our attention to professional development and to assessment practices continue at a strong pace.   We believe that our emphasis on differentiated instruction has increased expertise among our faculty regarding classroom instruction and assessment that can help inform our instructional practices during the instructional process, not simply at the end of that process.   To sustain strong curriculum and instructional strategies, teachers operate through the organized efforts of collaborative practices.  Consistency and stability in the delivery of classroom instruction are facilitated by collaboration, strong curriculum, and professional development. 

A commitment to excellence for our students requires the dedication of many people: students, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, school board members, and the community.   In Hebron, there is tremendous evidence of this commitment to excellence.  We are appreciative to all who contribute to the powerful educational opportunities available to students in our school district.

Please, feel free to come and visit our schools to see our curriculum, technology, and students in action!

Patricia Buell

Director of Educational Services

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