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When I came to Gilead Hill School in 2012, many people shared with me that our school was “special.” I have been in many schools over the years and each one believes this to be true, so why would this one be different? It did not take me long however to realize that Gilead Hill IS different. It truly is a “Special” place, a school like no other I have been to. There is something magical that is happening here on a daily basis that you feel, and cannot necessarily put into words. You feel it in the classrooms, out on the playground, and reverberating through the hallways. I’ve thought long and hard about why this is the case. While hard to define, I believe the answer is due to the perfect balance of effort and commitment between the students, the staff, and parents. In their own special way, each group equally contributes to making this a unique and supportive learning community, one that ignites the imagination, recognizes everyone’s full potential, and lays the foundation for life-long learning.

We have approximately 285 Pre-K to Second Grade students that come through our doors every day. When I see them arrive on the bus or by car, I am reminded daily why I chose to be an educator. The exuberance of youth and the innate desire to learn is contagious to anyone that steps foot in our building. You cannot help but to be reinvigorated by the students’ spirit and thirst for knowledge. As educators, it is this joy and excitement for learning that grounds us, provides focus, and deepens our commitment to them.

Our staff is the most student-centered I have ever had the pleasure to work with. This is not only true of our classroom teachers and support specialists, but also our paraprofessionals, office staff and custodians. Everyone recognizes their work is of equal importance in determining what is best for our students and their learning. It truly is a collaborative teaching environment that is fostered here at Gilead and the impact that it has on our students is evident everywhere you look.

The parents in our community have not only provided us with wonderful kids, but are also supportive and collaborative partners in their educational process. We have an active parent volunteer pool throughout the school and this is crucial in our students’ success. In addition, we have a wonderful PTA who supports GHS with programs and resources to enrich the educational experience. In order for us to wholly educate our children, our parents recognize the importance of communication and consistency between the school and home. At Gilead Hill, we are proud to have such a caring and committed group of parents working alongside us.

The combined efforts of our students, staff and parents make Gilead Hill a one-of-a-kind school. I do not believe my words can do justice as to how “Special” it is here, but I guarantee you will understand once you come to visit.

Eric Brody


(860) 228-9458

Health Room

(860) 228-4933 

School Hours

School Readiness,
Full Day PreK & K-2
8:30am - 3:10pm


8:30am - 10:55am
12:20pm - 3:10pm 

  • Gilead Hill School
  • 580 Gilead Street
  • Hebron, Connecticut 06248
  • Phone: (860) 228-9458
  • Health Room: (860) 228-4933
  • Fax: (860) 228-1106
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